Outlaw Americana from Appalachia

Raising Caine is the musical manifestation of singer-songwriter Caine McDonald, who crafts his original songs in the sparse hours between work and family life.

In 2012, the artist formed Raising Caine, which quickly gained momentum with its uniquely familiar country sound.  Listening to Raising Caine's songs, you can hear the rooster's crow echo through the valley; backyard fires crackle in time with ballads of love and heartbreak, and the scent of sawdust lingers in the air.  Although many songs depict the struggles of life, Caine “laughs to keep from crying." His lyrics inspire the unexpected smile in listeners who pick up on his particular brand of country music and good humor.

It comes as no surprise that Raising Caine was born Asheville, North Carolina - a small town with a big heart that continually magnetizes world-class musicians and artists.  Sometimes performing with the support of select Asheville musicians, sometimes performing as a solo singer-songwriter, Raising Caine has joined the ranks of must-see Western North Carolina acts.